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Room types
Regular rates*
standard rooms
standard rooms

A.one queen bed


cable TV, telephone, wireless internet, coffee table, air-conditioner


75$CAD for 1 person

80$CAD for 2 people

B.two double beds


cable TV, telephone, wireless internet, coffee-maker, refrigerator, microwave, air-conditioner


80$CAD for 1 person

85$CAD for 2 people


Luxury rooms
Luxury rooms

C.one king bed with kitchen

Spacious room with kitchen, sofa and dining table, wood floor, beautiful mirrors in ceiling

cable TV, telephone, wireless internet, refrigerator,coffee-maker, stove, microwave, cooking utensil, tableware, air-conditioner


84$CAD for 1 person

89$CAD for 2 people


* Each extra person plus 10$CAD.(Kids 0-10 years old plus 5$CAD), each pet 20$ *

Prices subject to change without notice,and tax is not included.